Drug & Awareness Prevention

Students gain a thorough understanding of the short-term and long term health impact of the most common abused substances.   We have partnered with many businesses throughout Charlotte, NC with a similar goal of being committed to improve youth outlook and decision making skills when dealing life challenges.

Drug Awareness

Focus on delivering a message that using drugs won’t help you escape your problems it will only create more problems. Our goal is to make sure that the youth understand the health risks associated with the use of legal and illegal drugs. Step up to leadership focuses on educating about the different types of drugs such as Inhalants, Prescription, Steroids, Synthetic drug and nonprescription drugs and analyzing the causes and effects of drug use.

Step Up to Leadership will also discuss how Marijuana affects users – short-term effects of and advocate against the use of the drug. SUTL discusses how Marijuana use causes problems with memory, learning, distorted perception, difficulty in thinking, problem-solving and loss of coordination

 Step Up To Leadership encourages our participants to pursue their goals and follow through to see them come true. These are 3 things we implement in our youth:

  • Write down your goals

  • Create a powerful belief system

  • Invest in yourself

Timeline for Execution

This eight week course is designed to assist young adults with developing strong confidence with the tools and lessons that will be provide. Our program focuses on the weaknesses of an individual while strategically teaching how to address and handle the challenges of life.   At the conclusion of the course our participants will gain a positive perspective and gain a better understanding of how to deal with life challenges through positive decision-making, realizing the importance of education and taking the strides toward a successful life.

Supplies and Material

Supplies and materials are all provided by vendor and include:

  • Educational materials such as movies for viewing, booklets, brochures and DVD’s

  • Shirts, books, notebooks

  • Writing utensils and all paper products used for assessments given by instructor’s

  • Other resources needed to enhance the educational experiences of the audience.

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