To be the premier program that will help many individuals to excel in the classrooms as well as in the community.  Step Up To Leadership will enhance the minds of those to become better leaders. Our vision is to mentor at a level that will be relatable and comprehended at all angles.  Our vision also includes connecting with other organizations; that are willing to assist in enhancing academically while promoting financial stability.

Our services are geared towards:

– Workshops

– Churches

– Schools (4th grade to 12th)

– Colleges

– Summits

Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring can assist the youth in making better choices with social, academic and personal decisions.

Social & Life Skills Development

We are focused on implementation of programs that focuses on high risk youth developing and sharpening their cognitive skill set.

Drug Prevention

Step Up To Leadership encourages our participants to pursue their goals and follow through to see them come true.

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