We pride ourselves in equipping our youth and young adults with the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals, by helping them to improve their behavior and decision making skill. We’ve provide training in areas such as Leadership skills, Self-Values, Conflict Resolution Drug Awareness and Self-Control & Character building.

This will allow each individual to have a more open perception of self and an outlook on life. Throughout North and South Carolina we have partnered with many businesses & organizations that share similar goals of reaching our youth and young adults while helping them learn conscious decision making skills, by offering educational resources to help them succeed personally, socially and academically.


To be the premier program that will help many individuals to excel in the classrooms as well as in the community.  Step Up To Leadership will enhance the minds of those to become better leaders. Our vision is to mentor at a level that will be relatable and comprehended at all angles.

Our vision also includes connecting with other organizations; that are willing to assist in enhancing academically while promoting financial stability